Drive's Nazi Roots

     Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda used many of the techniques that Drive would later use to promote its message of Genocidal hatred.


1. The Dissolve Technique. Jud Suss Nazi Germany 1941.

      Here, one scene transitions to another. It is in this transition that the subliminal anti-Semitic message is conveyed.  


From Jud Suss:

    The Jew transitions from Jew to German and then back to Jew.


     Bet you missed the subliminal of the type that is too quick to see.


     Now from German back to Jew.


    You had to have missed the subliminal(too fast to see):


    The point of course is that the Jew is never a German, but a Jew in disguise.

 Nazi Use of Music

     Jud Suss, like Drive, also employs music effectively to promote its message of hate:



     The subliminal point in the music clip above is that the German Tuetonic military music challenges and then overcomes the Jewish liturgical music, which is played in a distorted way.

2. Embedded Subliminal Jud Suss.

    Jud Suss, like Drive, uses embedded subliminal content to associate Judaism with evil and repugnant things, thereby furthering its hateful agenda. There is usually a Jewish symbol, or a relevant Christian symbol,  in the background, not consciously noticed, when the message needs to be made that Judaism is evil.







3. The Dissolve Technique. Drive.




4. Embedded Subliminal Drive.