Nicholas Winding Refn

Refn is the Director of the film Drive. Do not under-estimate this evil genius. 

Refn honed his skills in the subliminal as a director of expensive high end commercials.






Here is a commercial for Tuborg Beer. It displays the hyperstereotyping that Refn has been noted for 1. It is also an inside ironic joke because the store owner, Zlatko Buric, normally plays the hyperstereotyped Yugolslavian drug pusher alien/immigrant  in Refn's Pusher trilogy, set in Denmark. Here he is a real alien, and of course, the hyper-stereotyping is extended to Blacks.    


     Below is a commercial for manifesto, a perfume by Yves Saint Laurent. Notice the subliminal (which is deemed against public interest by the FCC).



































Below is Refn stating his objective is getting Drive to "penetrate emotions" ..."permanantely".



Refn on the Drive lawsuit.

Refn again on the Drive Lawsuit


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