The Holocaust provides little, if any room for humor, but like anything else, there is humor to be found in even the most dire situations, which is part of what keeps people sane. Rumor has it that this is Refn's next project lolwink


From Europa, Europa, Josef Peters is actually Jewish. The instructor, Goethke, is lecturing on racial identification:  


     Here is a joke from Victor Frankl: As Hitler's armies faced more and more setbacks, he asked his astrologer, "Am I going to lose the war?" "Yes," the astrologer said. "Then, am I going to die?" Hitler asked. "Yes." "When am I going to die?" "On a Jewish holiday." "But on what holiday?" "Any day you die will be a Jewish holiday."  

      A Nazi SS man saw a poor Jew on a train, wrapping a fish head in a napkin Jew what are you doing, the Nazi asked.  I save the fish head for my son. Eating the fish head increases intelligence. Jew, how much for the fish ? Six marks. How much for the head ? Eight marks. The Nazi said: Sell me the fish head Jew. After a short time, the Nazi said to the Jew: Hey how come the fish head is more than the whole fish ? The Jew answered: See its working already.  


Another expert can spot a Jew, and can even smell one. Paul Newman is Jewish, fighting the British in 1947 Palestine. He is disguised as a British Officer. From the motion picture Exodus: