Book V Movie

Driver’s first and last fight at the new school happened when 
the local bully came up to him on the schoolyard and told Driver 
he shouldn’t be hanging around Jews. Driver had vaguely been aware 
that Herb was Jewish, but he was still more vague about why anyone 
would want to make something of that. This bully liked to flick people’s 
ears with his middle finger, shooting it off his thumb. When he tried it 
this time, Driver met his wrist halfway with one hand, stopping it cold. 
With the other hand he reached across and very carefully broke the boy’s 

                      -James Sallis Drive

     The video below contains a five minute summary of the differences between the book and the film. The summary of the differences starts at the four minute mark (4:00). The first half of the video is a summary of some of the subliminal.


     The video below is a more comprehensive exposition of the differences between the book and the video. It is 54 minutes, but there is an index below the video that gives the time within the video where each segment starts.

The Jew Hides His Identity                                                              00:00:39
The Jew is a threat to the Aryan Wife and Child                                     4:25
The Jews Stick Together and Conspire To Harm non-Jews                   6:28
The Jews Control Everything Behind The Scenes                                11:58   
The Jews Charge Usurious Interest Rates                                           18:34
The Jews Pimp "Our" Women                                                               20:45
The Jews Lust After Our Women                                                          28:22
The Jews Are The Enemy Of The Aryan People                                  30:10
The Jew Is A Kike                                                                                 33:40
The Jew Dies Like A Coward, Does Not Fight Back                            41:28
The Jews Are Money Hungry                                                               44:57
The Jews Are Cruel Sadistic Inhuman                                                 53:38


    Today, it is unheard of for someone to change a non-racist book into a racist work, as is the case with Drive. Comparing the book Drive, to the movie, makes it crystal clear how deliberately anti-Semitic the movie Drive is. First, remember that there is no anti-Semitism in the book. Therefore, all the anti-Semitism was added in order to make the movie. But more than that, the way the book was perverted, so that anything in the book that could be conflated or transmuted into anti-Semitism, was, clearly shouts "Jew Hatred". This process revealed a Hitler like obsession with Jews that is jaw dropping. If any proof is needed as to the mens rea or "state of mind" of the creators of Drive, with respect to their obsessive Jew hatred, here it is. The process of going from book to movie, reveals the real purpose of the movie. Comparing an intermediate script to the book, and the finished movie, makes it clear that all the changes from the book to the completed film, were primarily designed to increase the effectiveness of the Jew hating message. That process is an unprecedented campaign of hatred against a segment of the American population. It is an anachronism that reflects a bigoted mindset from the 1930's, that even then, would have been considered backwards. Today, it is hip among the cool European cafe intellectuals, and their fawning Americans. Like the 1930's, Europe has something moral to teach the world, and in this case America, about its "Jewish problem". The book - Bernie Rose is shown great respect by Driver:

Looking into Bernie Rose’s failing eyes, he thought: 
This is what people mean when they use words like grace.
He drove the rest of the way down to the pier, bore Bernie’s body to the edge 
of water and released it. From water we come. To water we return. The tide was 
going out. It lifted the body, carried it ever so gently away. City lights 
spackled the water. Afterwards Driver sat feeling the fine roar and throb 
of the Datsun around him. He drove. That was what he did. What he’d always do. 
Letting out the clutch, he pulled from beach parking onto the street, 
reentering the world here at its very edge, engine a purr beneath him, yellow 
moon above, hundreds upon hundreds of miles to go. Far from the end for Driver, 
this. In years to come, years before he went down at 3 a.m. on a clear, cool 
morning in a Tijuana bar, years before Manny Gilden turned his life into a movie, 
there’d be other killings, other bodies. Bernie Rose was the only one he ever mourned.

The movie - Rose is killed and mocked as the money hungry Jew with blood on his hands for the murder of Jesus. The water burial is perverted into a Baptismal death of the cowardly, dehumanized, literally dirty Jew Nino. In a similar vein, Joseph Goebells ordered Veit Harlan to show the Jew begging, degraded, and dehumanized at the end of the movie Jud Suss. The book Jud Suss, like the book Drive, did not have the Jew dehumanized and begging :




     A previous draft of the screenplay - Rose still has some humanity and decency, as evidenced by asking Shannon again, if he would like something to eat. The final version of the screenplay, as seen above, has the Kike disposing of what he doesn't want by ordering the delivery person to eat it, and never offering Shannon anything. Another example of the movie ethnically cleansing any humanity displayed by any Jew.

           A New York style pizza-by-the-slice restaurant. A WAITER takes a
           delivery of Chinese food at the door and carries it over to a
           table where Shannon is sitting with an old friend, BERNIE ROSE.
           Here you go, Mr. Rose.
           (Taking out the white boxes)
           Egg rolls, chicken chow mein, five flavor
           shrimp and Peking duck.
                          BERNIE ROSE
           Did they remember the chop sticks?
           Doesn't look like it, sir. Let me run and
           get the guy.
           From the way the waiter hurries off we get a sense of Bernie's
           power and authority. He turns back to Shannon, resuming their
                          BERNIE ROSE
           ...You run a perfectly good business. Why
           would you want to change now?
           You know how much my business made last
           year? Thirty Grand. Takes me six months to
           build a car and a couple of seconds for
           these jerks to write it off on a stunt that
           doesn't even make it into the movie.
           Bernie shakes his head but clearly has a soft spot for Shannon.
                          BERNIE ROSE
           How much do you need?
           Let me talk you through it first.
                          BERNIE ROSE
           That sounds like a lot.
           Doesn't have to be. The big money teams
           burn through three, four million a year but
           that's `cause they're using half a dozen
           test drivers and a stable of cars.
                          BERNIE ROSE
           I don't know anything about car racing but
           I assume there's a reason for that?
           Sure, but it's not the only way. All I need
           is a hard-used stock car. We start off with
           the small-town action then work our way up.
           There's close to two thousand events out
           there and once we make the Show we're
           talking millions.
                          BERNIE ROSE
           There's a fortune to be made. Sponsorship.
           TV deals. We'll even name the team after
           Bernie looks at his friend in mild exasperation then turns away
           as the waiter returns with a handful of chop sticks.
                          BERNIE ROSE
           Thank you, Ron. You sure you don't want any
           of this?
           No, thanks.
           Bernie waits for the waiter to leave then continues.
                          BERNIE ROSE
           You still haven't given me a number?
           Shannon hesitates but only for a second.
           Four hundred and thirty thousand dollars.
           Bernie Rose can't help grinning at his nerve.
           Look, I wouldn't come to you unless I was
           sure about this.
                          BERNIE ROSE
           Come on, Shannon. How can you be sure? What
           have you got these big money teams don't
           I got a driver.
                          BERNIE ROSE
           And they got half a dozen Drivers you told
           Not like this one.
           He stares at his friend with quiet conviction.
           I been working with this guy a long time -
           I've never seen anything like it. I had the
           money I'd back him myself...
           Bernie Rose considers him quietly.
                          BERNIE ROSE
           But you don't have the money.
           Everything I own is in metal. I had to sell
           my Bullit car the other day just to pay the
           gas bill. I'm telling you, Bernie, put this
           kid behind a wheel there's nothing he can't
                       BERNIE ROSE
           And what happens to my money if this kid
           gets hit by a bus?
           Shannon's about to reply when they're interrupted by a big bull
           of a man with a gruff voice.
           What are you doing eating Chink food in my
                          BERNIE ROSE
           What's a Jew doing running a Pizzeria?
           Worst fucking pizza in LA by the way. How
           hard is it to bake a loaf of bread?
           It's the fucking water in this city...
           Shannon smiles, intimidated by Nino, giving up his seat
           respectfully. Nino doesn't even acknowledge him.
                          BERNIE ROSE
           I thought you were supposed to be out of
           town anyway?
           Well, I'm back.
           (Barely a glance at Shannon)
           Take a hike. I need to talk to my partner.
                          BERNIE ROSE
           Be polite, Nino. I invited him here.
           Oh, I'm sorry. How you doing, Shannon?
           How's the fucking leg?
           Bernie senses things are only going to get worse and dismisses
           Shannon gently.
                          BERNIE ROSE
           I'll think about it but I want to meet your
           guy first...

     It is interesting to note how the book portrayed Rose in a sympathetic, almost admirable way. In the earlier script, when Shannon tells Rose the amount he needs, "Bernie Rose can't help grinning at his nerve.".

     The movie, ie the final script has the Kike obnoxiously do this:








     The book - Bernie Rose has to kill Driver because Driver murdered Bernie Rose's other partner, not Nino. Again, Rose is human, cool, and worthy of respect. Unlike the Kike in the movie, Rose insists on picking up the check. Notice Shannon's hips in the book were broken because of a crash. In the movie, the Kikes caused it. Rose does not mention the money at all.

“Care for a glass, to start with?” Rose said as they sat. “Or would you prefer your usual scotch?” 
Wine’s good.” “Actually, it is. Amazing what’s out there these days. Chilean, Australian. This 
one’s from one of the new Northwest vineyards.” Bernie Rose poured. They clinked glasses. “T
hanks for coming.” 

Driver nodded. 

An attractive older woman wearing a black miniskirt, silver jewelry and no stockings emerged 
from the kitchen and began moving table to table. Strains of Spanish that leaked through the 
kitchen door behind her caught a foothold. Driver still heard them as his companion went on. 
“The owner,” Bernie Rose said. “Never have known her name, though I’ve been coming here 
close to twenty years. Maybe she doesn’t look quite as good in the outfit as she did back then, 
but….” ...“I can recommend the duck. Hell, I can recommend everything. Hunter’s stew with 
homemade sausage, red cabbage, onions and beef. Pierogi, stuffed cabbage, beef roulades, 
potato pancakes. And the best borscht in town—served cold when it’s hot outside, hot when 
a chill comes on. But the duck’s to die for.” 

“Duck,” Bernie Rose said when a college-age waitress with varicose veins, Valerie, came to 
the table, “and another of these.” “The Cabernet-Merlot blend, right?” “You got it.” The owner 
came by in her black miniskirt to hope they had a good meal and to ask if they’d please let her 
know personally should there be anything else they needed, anything she could do for them. Be
rnie Rose replenished glasses. “So where do you go from here?” Bernie Rose said. “Hard to say. 
Back to my old life, maybe.... You?” He shrugged. “Back east, I’m thinking. Never much liked it 
out here anyway.” “Friend of mine claims the story of America is all about the advancing frontier. 
Push through to the end of it, he says, which is what we’ve done here at land’s end, there’s nothing 
let, the worm starts eating its own tail.” “Should have had the duck instead.” 

Despite himself, Driver laughed. Working their way through a second bottle of Cabernet-Merlot 
and the second inning of this expansive meal, ordinary life going on about them, they’d landed for 
the moment on a kind of island where they might pretend to be a part of it. “Think we choose our 
lives?” Bernie Rose said as they cruised into coffee and cognac. 

“No. But I don’t think they’re thrust upon us, either. What it feels like to me is, they’re forever
 seeping up under our feet.” 

Bernie Rose nodded. 

Valerie brought the check, which Bernie Rose insisted upon paying. They walked out onto 
the parking lot... “Where’s your ride?” “Over here,” Driver said. At the back edge of the lot, half hidden by
a fenced area for garbage. Of course. “You don’t think we change, then.” “Change? No. What we do is 
adapt. Get by. Time you’re ten, twelve years old, it’s pretty much set in you, what you’re going to be like, 
what your life’s going to be. That’s your ride?”... “I know, it doesn’t look like much. But then, neither do we. 

A friend of mine specializes in redoing these. Good cars to start with. When he finishes with them, they sc
scream.” “Another driver?” 

“Used to be, till both hips got shattered in a crash. That’s when he started tearing them down, 
building them back up.” 

     The movie - The Kike is focused on only two things: You guessed it, MONEY, and tricking the Gentile. And of course, the restaurant has been changed to a Chinese restaurant, from the Polish restaurant in the book (The dining scene ends at 2:40):

The book - Rose tells Nino, who is Italian, that their friendship is over because of the death and destruction Nino caused.

“Here’s how it’s gonna go. I’ll take this guy down, but it’s on my dime, 
nothing to do with you. And once it’s done, I’m out of here—
just a bad memory.” 

“Not that easy to walk away, my friend. You’re bound.” They sat 
unmoving, eyes locked. It was some time before Bernie Rose spoke. 

“I ain’t asking your fucking permission, Izzy.” His use of Nino’s 
childhood nickname, something he’d never done before in all these 
years, had a visible effect. 

“You got your money back. Be content.” 

“It’s not about the money—” “— it’s about the principle. 

"Right. So you’re gonna do what? Write op-eds columns for 
the New York Times? Dispatch more of your amateurs?” 

“They wouldn’t be amateurs.” 

“They’re all amateurs nowadays. All of ‘em. Carbon-copy 
Juniors with their goddamn tattoos and cute little ear rings. 
But it’s your call, do what you have to.” 
“I always do.”  “Two things.” 

“I’m counting.” 

“You send people after me, anyone up the line sends people after 
me, best keep the loading docks open for regular deliveries.” 

“This the same Bernie Rose that said ‘I don’t ever threaten’?” 

“It’s not a threat. Neither is this.” 

“What?” Nino’s eyes met his. 

“You don’t get a free ride for old time’s sake. I look in the 
mirror and see someone in the back seat, next thing I see—once 
I’ve taken care of that—is you.” 

“Bernie, Bernie. We’re friends.” 

“No. We’re not.” 

The movie - The Kikes stick together because their loyalty is only to each other. In fact, most of the Nazi anti-Semitic stereotypes in Drive can be implemented because the book was changed from Nino being not Jewish to Nino being a Jew in disguise.  


The book - Herb Danziger, a Jew, is a pretty cool, smart, and likeable guy.

This was back in Tucson, when [Driver] lived with the Smiths. His 
best friend then was Herb Danziger. Herb was a car nut, worked on 
cars in his backyard and made good money at it, challenging the pay 
both from his father’s job as security guard and his mother’s as a 
nurse’s aide. There’d always be a ’48 Ford or a ’55 Chevy sitting 
there with the hood up and half its innards laid out on a tarp on 
the ground nearby. Herb had one of those massive blue Chilton 
automobile repair manuals, but Driver never saw him look at it, 
not once in all those years.......

The other thing Herb did, was race cars at a track out in the 
desert between Tucson and Phoenix, in this truly weird landscape 
inhabited by ten-foot-high dust devils, ...
The track had been built by a group of young hispanics who, rumor 
had it, controlled the marijuana traffic up from Nogales. Herb was 
an outsider, but welcome for his skills as driver and mechanic. First 
few times Driver went along, Herb would send him out to run the track 
with cars he’d just worked up, wanting to watch their performance. But 
once he got a taste of it, Driver couldn’t hold himself back. He started 
pushing the cars, giving them their head, seeing what was in there. Soon 
it became clear he was a natural. Herb stopped driving and stayed in the 
pit after that.

The movie - Herb is ethnically cleansed from the movie because Drive is good Judenrein, ie no good Jews. The book - Rose intercedes when a woman is being abused, instead of threatening the widow, which was one of the many Nazi anti-Semitic changes made to the book.

And the couple next door were at it again. He sat listening and had
another scotch before he went and knocked at 2-D. “Yeah?” Lenny was 
a short, red-faced man who’d carry his baby fat with him to the grave. 
“Bernie Rose, next apartment over.” 

“I know, I know. What’s up? I’m 
kind of busy here.” 

“I heard.” 

His eyes changed. He tried to close 
the door but Bernie had reached up and grasped the edge, forearm 
flat against it. Guy got even more red-faced trying to shove it 
closed, but Bernie held it easily. Muscles on his arm stood out 
like cables. After a moment he swept it open. 

“What the—”

“You all right, Shonda?” Bernie asked. She nodded without meeting 
his eyes. At least it hadn’t gotten to the physical stage this time. 
Not yet. 

“You can’t—” Bernie clamped a hand on his neighbor’s throat. 
“I’m a patient man, Lenny, not much for getting in other people’s way. 
What I figure is, we’ve all got our own lives, right? And the right to 
be left alone. So I sit over there for almost a year now listening to 
what goes down in here and I keep thinking, Hey, he’s a mensch, he’ll 
work it out. You gonna work it out, Lenny?” Bernie rocked his hand at 
the wrist, causing his neighbor’s head to nod.

“Shonda’s a good woman. You’re lucky to have her, lucky she’s put up 
with you this long. Lucky I’ve put up with you. She has good reason: 
she loves you. I don’t have any reason at all.”

The movie - That scene is ethnically cleansed from the movie because that would have shown a Jew doing something positive, verbotin in Drive. But what is worse, is that the concept of Rose interceding to protect a woman, is perverted in the movie into Rose threatening the widow Irene. This is the same type of hate that perverted the respectful water burial by Driver in the book, into a perverse baptismal murder of the Jew Nino in the movie. A previous draft of the screenplay - Rose has some humanity, a connection to people besides conspiring to steal from Gentiles:

           94 INT. BERNIE ROSE'S APARTMENT - DAY. 94
           An elegant apartment full of framed photographs of beautiful
           grandchildren and movie posters from Hollywood's golden age.
           Bernie is in his silk pyjamas, looking like he's just woken up. 

The movie - The above detail is ethnically cleansed from the movie because that would have shown a Jew in a more human light, verbotin in Drive.