What The Hecht?!

"If you appear and post a self-promoting link, I think
 you're fair game. Nevertheless,I deleted my comment
 since it was a cheap shot. Look, move on--that's what 
 most attorneys do when they lose a case or it gets 
 thrown out. It's silly to remind the public of failure
 --bad for business, no? 
 ...there are postings on other blogs, and they aren't 
 flattering....I agree with the judge's ruling. 
 Your client was either very credulous or very cynical 
 (I suspect the latter; this seems like a PR thing). If 
 your client was truly mislead, I don't think the theater 
 was at fault--if they were, the remedy was a refund of 
 her ticket price. I don't recall much about the case, 
 so I don't remember if hate speech was an issue; if it 
 was the portrayals of the Albert Brooks character and 
 the other guy certainly didn't rise to that level. And if 
 this was a PR thing, I think it probably backfired. Hey, 
 I bear you no malice--I just think the case was silly. 
 Since you asked. Be well, win cases in the future." 
    - Helayne Hecht-Beavers. Not to be confused with 
      the great Ben Hecht (below)  

     It is simply breathtaking the extent that American Jewish Leadership, and Jewish Media owners worked with the Nazis. "Jewish" Hollywood marched in lockstep with Hitler, fawning and catering to Hitler's genocidal plans as recently revealed in the scholarly well researched book by Harvard  Fellow Ben Urwand , "The Collaboration: Hollywood's Pact with Hitler". Jewish American leadership in 1941 sold out the Jews. This sell out was led by the Genocide complicit Rabbi Stephan Wise, with active participation by the American Jewish Committee,  and the Anti-Defamation League. These, and similar  organizations are still betraying the Jewish people.

     The extent of this betrayal was documented in the book Perfidy by Ben Hecht.  Ben Hecht, along with Peter Bergsen,  both heroes, defied the shameful groveling "shash still" American Jewish leadership and worked hard to stop the Holocaust. The entire book Perfidy is available online for free here.  Please read it.





     Setting aside the subliminal, I do not "get" how any sentient being could watch Drive and not have the exact same feeling that Moshe Flinker had when he watched Jud Suss a few years before he was murdered by the Nazis. The excerpt from his diary is in red:





"Even so I went to see the film “Jew Süss”. What I saw there made my blood boil. I was red in the face when I came out. I realized there the wicked objectives of these evil people – how they want to inject the poison of anti- Semitism into the blood of the gentiles. While I was watching the film I suddenly remembered what the evil one* had said in one of his spectacles: “Whichever side wins the war, anti-Semitism will spread and spread until the Jews are no more”. In that film I saw the means he is using to achieve his aim. And if nothing happens to counteract his work, then surely the poison will spread in people’s blood. The way in which jealousy, hatred and loathing are aroused is simply indescribable… In the film, Jew Süss says to a young girl: “We too have a God, but this God is the Lord of Vengeance”. This is a lie, pure and simple. Our Lord is the same Lord who said: “Love thy neighbour as thyself”, but now I pray He may appear as a Lord of vengeance."


     If you think that great people like Ben Hecht, Peter Bergson, and Moshe Flinker do not exist today, you are wrong. Although vastly outnumbered by the Helayne Hecht-Beavers  of the world, the following individuals are heroes of the Jewish people: Eugene Greenstein, Dr. Fran Parker, Shelly Gittlemen, Barbra Moretsky, Dorene Weisberg, Sarah Deming, Joseph Macksoud, Dr. Edward Lichten, Elii Mosseri, Rabbi Chaim Moshe Bergstein, Patrick Shaltry, David Lange, Arnold Leaf, Alan Leaf, Rabbi Yacov Leaf, Maureen Leaf, David Turner, Glen McCandliss, Sam Gun, Dr. Michael Seyfert, Dr. Steven Miller, and hopefully, many more to come.

     And thats the thing of it: When you least expect it, when it seems that the world has gone crazy, along comes people like these, to provide hope and faith in humanity. Thats what happened to me on another occasion. Years ago, I was on the University of Michigan Diag, when a crazy person was harrassing the Rabbi, who had a sukka and some Jewish religious information to hand out. I approached the crazy person who then turned his attention on me, and pulled out a can of lighter fluid and a lighter, and threatened to burn me. Out of the many people who were watching this, a couple of guys walked in front of me and said to the crazy guy, "You'll have to get through us first".