Motion Picture Drive - Abusive Manipulation

The movie Drive combines overt elements of a fast driving action film with 
implicit historical anti-Semitic stereotypes of Jews and subliminal images and 
themes of the story of Jesus, as well as a message of Jewish  victimization 
of the Palestinians, substantially as a subliminal message . This website 
educates the viewer on this new form of anti-Semitism that makes use of 
sophisticated and effective modern advertising and subliminal messaging all 
the while the young adult viewer was misled to expect a Fast and Furious 
style action film .
     ---Eugene Greenstein PhD

     Imagine for a minute a graduate ("Graduate") from a very prestigious business school is hired for a ton of money by a country that wants Graduate to spread Jew hatred and violence against Jews.  How is this going to be accomplished? That's easy. Graduate will apply all the principles learned in business school marketing classes. Graduate learned to first identify the target audience. Graduate also learned to determine how people already view this brand, "Brand Jew"1 2 that will be the object of his efforts. Graduate will then try to reinforce the negative aspects of "Brand Jew", and minimize the positive aspects of Brand Jew, through the media. Of course Graduate's target audience will be non-Jews, primarily. Graduate will make sure that the hateful message is delivered primarily to the non-conscious part of the brain, because Graduate was taught that research has shown that this is a very effective way to deliver the message, called neuromarketing.

     But wait, the media and Hollywood are controlled by Jews, so Graduate could not do this in America, right? Lucky for Graduate, if history is any indication, Hollywood will welcome Graduate with open arms, especially the Jews of Hollywood.  See The Collaboration: Hollywood's Pact With Hitler.

    Lucky for this graduate there is a lot to work with. There may be no other brand in the world that has such emotional power.  The brand includes Christ Murderer, baby killer using "Kosher slaughter", money hungry, international conspirator, communist, socialist, capitalist, pawnbroker, gangster, swindler, usurer, middleman, shark lawyer, lustful, corrupting, evil, Palestinian abuser, land stealer, wall street blood sucker, exploiter, intelligent, loyal to each other, pushy, loud, gaudy, cheap, creative, wears a disguise, God's Chosen,  Jesus, the twelve Apostles, Mary, weak, murderous, funny, hard working, iconoclastic,  Refn, formerly Lars Von Trier, etc..   

   Imagine if this graduate was hired to spread hatred against the Swiss, or people from Thailand. Not much to work with.

    Not only is such a scenario likely, it already happened. This website is about how effective manipulative messages of hate can be delivered, largely unnoticed, by the media to the public. The problem will only become worse over time because of the growing body of science that can applied to "neuromanipulation". The movie Drive has already (mis)applied the technology of nueromarketing, in text book fashion, using "Brand Jew", to coerce and manipulate Gentiles to commit or tolerate violence against Jews, to increase the pre-existing hatred people might have against Jews, and to instill such hatred in people that have not been anti-Semitic (ie "Jew haters") in the past (including getting more Jews to become self haters). Of course, in the process, Gentiles are primarily the ones being manipulated into accepting a perverse form of Christianity, since the manipulation is directed primarily to Christians as the Que balls, and involves coopting Jesus for that purpose .  3

   Graduate is also lucky because the target audience already harbors significant implicit (ie nonconscious) bias against Jews. 4

     Drive is directed primarily to seventeen to forty year old Gentiles, specifically the NASCAR crowd: The same age group Hitler targeted. This hateful manipulation was achieved, in part,  by incorporating significant subliminal content (See below for a definition) consistent with the above, and by fraudulently marketing Drive as a normal film of the "race action variety". Both of the preceding negate any First Amendment privilege the creators of Drive,  cynically, would have people believe.

          However, a person's conscious awareness of their feelings, and how they really feel, as measured by their unconscious, which controls most of our decisions5, can reveal quite a disparity. The unconscious is more closely tied to emotions than the conscious mind 6. There is a test anyone can take that will shed light on this disparity between the conscious and the unconscious, the mind and the heart: Drive exploits this disparity, and directs its message mainly to the unconscious, as do many advertisements.

     So there you have it. The main issue. What does society do when the technology of manipulation can take advantage of the unsuspecting viewer? When the technology of manipulation is being applied for purposes that most, if not almost all viewers would find repugnant ? How does society balance the benefit of free speech with the benefit of people being informed about what they are being exposed to or purchasing ?


 For a short ten minute overview of some of the objectionable material in Drive, watch the video below:


     Such an appeal to the emotions can also be implemented using the subliminal. A subliminal message is a message that is designed to be not consciously perceived, and is therefore considered to be against the public interest by the Federal Communications Commission 7


     There are two types of clearly subliminal content in Drive: Quick Subliminal, and embedded subliminal. Below are example of each of each as used in Drive.

Quick subliminal is a message expressed in a frame or two in a film, too fast to be consciously perceived.




Embedded subliminal is a message within a scene that is not consciously noticed unless pointed out (think of display ads)




     However, if subliminal is a message intended to not be consciously perceived, then the lyrics should also qualify for being subliminal, because while watching a film that is not a musical, the lyrics are secondary and are probably not consciously perceived. The same thing holds true for color: Color can be used to manipulate the unconscious and Drive does this expertly.

     In fact, when it comes to manipulation, subliminal or non-subliminal messages may be equally manipulative. There have been studies that have shown that certain messages can trigger behaviors in ways that are not known to the message recipient. For example, John Bargh conducted a study where students, before taking a test, were asked for information on a form, including their home address. The students who had months before indicated that they were motivated to succeed to please their parents, did much better when "primed" with the request for their home address which unconsciously triggered their motivation. The home address question did not affect the students that were not motivated to succeed because of their parents 8 The point is that manipulation of which the recipient is unaware, can be achieved by many means, which marketers are well aware of. 


     There can be little doubt that Drive promotes a Nazi anti-Semitic agenda. First, one has only to read the book that Drive is based on. The book is clearly not anti-Semitic and is arguably philo-Semitic. Bernie Rose, to take one of many similar anti-Semitic changes,  is one of the good "bad guys" in the book, like Don Corleone in the Godfather. In the film, he is transformed into the consumate Kike.

     In the process of creating the film, an obsessive focus on perverting anything human or positive about Jews was manifest. This obsession resulted in Drive depicting almost every Nazi anti-Semitic stereotype. We know this to be true because Drive can be compared to what is almost universally considered to be the definitive anti-Semitic film: Jud Suss. That comparison reveals the fact that Drive is a more effective version of Jud Suss.

     Jud Suss was produced in 1940 in Nazi Germany by the Nazi owned Terra film Company, and personally subervised by Dr. Joseph Goebbells, Minister of Propaganda. The movie is considered a war crime. Jud Suss made effective use of both types of subliminal, in addition to the music,  in promoting its genocidal Jew hatred. Sadly, the movie won the Venice Golden Lion award for best film 9, and was widely praised. It was a far greater success than the more overt The Eternal Jew, also made by the Nazis in 1940.

     In the 73 years since Jud Suss, there has not been such a polished, artistic, and sophisticated message of hate as Drive. The fact that Drive is more subtle in its Jew hatred is not because the Jew hatred manifest in Drive is less than the Nazis, but rather because Drive's Jew hatred and cynical manipulation of Christians, is a reflection of modern advertising techniques.  This manipulation of Christians went so far as to pervert symbols and themes of Christianity, to persuade the viewer that Jesus himself wants Jews murdered. Also, it is easier for now to present such Jew hatred in a subtle way so that it is less noticeable. 

     The message of hate went largely unnoticed, as intended, in part because of the subliminal content, and in part because the science of persuasion has shown that an indirect subtle approach can be the best way to reach the unconscious, where most decisions are made. 

     So far, the self proclaimed watch dog groups, first and foremost The Wiesenthal Franchises, and The ADL, that are supposed to protect the public by exposing and fighting such hatred, failed us miserably. They are light years behind their enemies, despite the millions they take. Our government has also failed us, a Michigan Circuit Court Judge ruling that the promotion of material (i.e. significant content) anti-Semitism is not important enough to affect a consumer's purchasing choice. 10   

     This site provides background on the relevant films, how they were created, the subliminal, and other relevant background information in the menu selection "Background". The selection "Brands" contains three brands Drive promotes: Brand Jew, Brand Victim Of Jews, and  Brand Jesus-Murderer of Jews. "Players" contains information on key people associated with this project, including the media. It is outrageous that a motion picture widely released in America unknowingly manipulates the viewer with messages of hate, directed to Christians being used as the Que balls. Such hateful messages are repugnant to most viewers.

     Have fun with this web site. Learn everything you can. Don't be an unwitting victim of manipulation     

  • 1. You can't ask questions with written answers, since people do not readily admit to hate and prejudice, see .
  • 2. A brand is a set of memories and feelings individuals have about the brand, which can be anything that is being marketed, including in this case Jew hatred.
  • 3. Jud Suss, previous to Drive, the most anti-Semitic film ever made, also employed Christian teachings to Justify the murder of Jews
  • 4. For those trained in statistics, note especially the very significant implicit bias against Jews D=0.43, SD=0.45 T(31)=5.43 p<.001
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